The recent relaxation of the traditional confusing online gambling regulations has caused new casino operators to enter the market, brining with them a host of new online gambling games. South African players can expect the whole range of online casino games, ranging from video slots through to table and Live Dealer games such as the very popular Roulette. For a full list of these new casinos, along with the games and bonuses offered in South Africa, click here { } before the bureaucrats change their minds.

The history of Roulette

Let's take a step back and see why Roulette remains so popular through the centuries. Roulette is said to have been mistakenly invented by a Frenchman that. was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. It was only later in the 1700s that a game, which was a combination of this machine and the Italian game, Biribi become the roulette game we know today. The game spread around the world and the variations French roulette, European roulette and American roulette became popular in their various territories.

With the commercialisation of the Internet in the 1990s, online gambling also made its way to this medium. Players could now enjoy any version of roulette from anywhere in the world with a mouse-click. The digital medium allowed for more creative betting options and table limits to be introduced. The advent of Live Dealer casinos allowed for the physical sights and sounds of the Roulette table to be mimicked online with a real person dealer. This format of the game gained immense popularity in the last few months.

The rules of roulette

Luckily for Roulette players, the rules have not changed lover the years and especially not when the game went online. It remained one of the most popular online casino games and the story is no different in South Africa. The gameplay is as follows: The player places bets on the number/s that he thinks might come up, the roulette wheel spins and the ball lands on a number. The players then sees if he will receive a payout according to where he placed his bets on the table.

There are two basic roulette strategies that a player can use to try and reduce the house edge that the game has over him. These are based on where the player places his bets on the table and are known as inside and. outside bets. Outside bets are placed around the perimeter of the table and cover bets like odds / evens, black / red and the low / high number bets. The inside bets are more specific and can range from a single number to a street bet which covers three adjacent numbers on the the table.

Playing roulette for real money.

For the roulette player to begin his real play journey with the new online casinos in South Africa, a good starting point is to do some research to find a licensed casino that offers a big variety of roulette games. Look for evidence of the MGA license publicly displayed. More importantly, if the ability to play the games for free first before signing up is there, then this opportunity should be grabbed. This allows the player to first practise the rules and strategies before committing to real ZAR money play.

Now that the online gambling market is opening in South Africa, it is easy to now play for real money. However, players are advised to prepare themselves by brushing up on the knowledge of Roulette and to at least know the basic rules. To employ a form of strategy and stick to it is the best way to gradually reduce the house edge over you. One popular strategy is to begin with playing European Roulette with the single zero and use the Outside bets to begin with.


And in summary

The rules of Roulette have remained mainly the same over the centuries. The beginning of online gaming allowed roulette game developers to become more creative in how the game is presented to players. Before playing Roulette for real money, players are advised to brush up on their basic roulette rules and practice to apply some roulette strategy by first playing the game for free. The availability of new online casinos in South Africa allows the roulette player to now play for real legally in the ZAR currency.